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Our guests are our greatest value. They are people for whom and thanks to whom we live. We always remember about it and do everything for you desiring to come back to us again. 

Our responsibilities

  • to justify guests’ trust
  • to meet hospitality standards
  • to give a warm welcome
  • not to disturb and not to disclose the guests’ private life


  • comfortable rooms of various categories
  • modern conference hall for holding conferences, seminars, round-table discussions
  • banquet-bar for holding banquets, holidays, conferences
  • Siberian baths «SIBERIAN GRAAL THERMAE»
    • steam-rooms with birch firewood (with vaporarium man service)
    • pools and SPA-pools
    • recreation rooms with mini-bar, TV and karaoke
    • massage rooms (with masseur services)
    • billiards and others
  • translation services 
  • Internet in all rooms (Wi-Fi)
  • laundry and tailor services 
  • secured parking lot
  • transfer
  • lift
  • restaurant with traditional Russian cuisine
  • closed VIP-pavilions

Cards we accept


The mysterious Holy Grail is a medieval European legend which originated in the time of the Crusades. While returning home from the Middle East conquered by the Moslems English, German and French knights searched and took out Christian relics. In their search the special place was occupied by the Holy Grail. In one version it was the Cup from which Jesus Christ drank at the Last Supper edifying the apostles. In another version the Grail is the Cup where the blood of Christ was collected after his crucifixion at Calvary.
In the XII-XIII centuries the overall epic of the Holy Grail was formed. Far away, in the light temple Montsalvat there is the magic Grail which has a mysterious and powerful force. The Grail gives invincible power to the knights who give a promise to fight for truth and justice. There was only one condition that no one had to know either their name or their origin.
A mysterious Cup heals, gives insight, and promises immortality to the selected. It can be seen only by the knights with pure thoughts, for impure hearts the Cup is invisible. Only the perfect knight can find the Grail.
So we see our «PARK-HOTEL GRAAL» as a symbol of courage and sacrifice, peace and confidence, wisdom and spiritual power. The Grail for us is a symbol of purity, prosperity and perfection.
Our hotel is located in a picturesque pine forest. The design remindes of an ancient fairytale castle. The interior enchants with elegance and attracts with cozy decoration and cleanliness. «PARK-HOTEL GRAAL» has been welcoming guests since 2004 and every year wins the nomination «The best hotel» in the regional contest «KUZBASS Brand».